About Our Facility

Holding Plant

A Place to Grow Child Care includes state of the art technology and impressive design, truly making it a building of its time.  We designed a child care facility to support the health, safety, and education of young children.  Our building features a top of the line security and fire system.  We also incorporated economically conscious attributes to reduce and eliminate negative impacts on our environment.

Our security system features 32 cameras throughout the building, playground and parking lot, as well as a secure, locked entry door system.  A lower level storm shelter area has also been included for safety.  Our commercial monitored fire system has alarms along with a complete sprinkler system in every room, hallway, and attic.  Safety of all the children is our number one priority at A Place to Grow Child Care.  We want to give parents the utmost confidence and reassurance that their little ones are as safe as possible.

Security Camera

Our state of the art HVAC system will continuously filter and sanitize the air, creating a very healthy environment.

The BIBS insulation used in our building will help to reduce pathways for moisture, outdoor allergens and pollutants to provide improved air quality while saving energy.

Rain on Roof

All of our rainwater (runoff from over a 10,000 square foot roof) will be going into an in-ground infiltration system to increase groundwater recharge, promote retention, and less runoff.

Our cool colored metal roof will be approximately 60 degrees cooler than an asphalt roof (thus helping reduce global warming impact).

Water Drops

All of our lighting is the latest in LED technology and our plumbing fixtures are the most water-conserving available to us today.