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and we're hiring!

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At A Place to Grow, we believe our teachers are our greatest asset.  We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our team.

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Competive Wages &
Secure Benefits

Depend on health benefits including dental, vision, and disability.  Have peace of mind knowing that you have coverage when you need it the most.


Accomplish Your Goals With Flexible Scheduling

Find a flexible schedule that allows you to meet your family needs, personal obligations, and other life responsibilities conveniently.


Invest In Your Career

Allow us to assist you in your professional development as an early childhood educator.  Keep a leading position in early childhood education that will benefit you, your learners, and your career without the financial burden.

Enjoy Paid Time Off

Ease your mind and leave your worries behind! Enjoy your paid time off with the people you love the most without the stress of lost wages.  Acquire and use your paid time off throughout the year to feel your freshest.

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