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Learning starts here.

Children are naturally inspired to play, and here at A Place to Grow we build that inspiration by using play as a context for learning.  In this context children explore, experiment, and discover the world around them in inventive ways. Our highly trained educational staff encourages and supports children's learning through these  interactions, and aim to achieve higher levels of thinking.


6 Weeks to 1 Year

Our warm, attentive teachers will attend to your child's individual needs while providing a stimulating and nurturing environment.

1 Year

Your child's energy and excitement will be channeled into meaningful learning experiences.  Our skilled teachers will provide an educational environment that will focus on building confidence and support developmental milestones.

Group of Babies
Curious Girl

2 Years

Skillful learning opportunities will be provided to support your child's ever growing individuality.   Your child will engage in activities that will promote social and emotional competence.

3 Years

Preparing for school begins at an early age.  Your child will continue to build their independence by practicing self-help skills and focusing on classroom expectations.

Kids in Preschool
Kids Blowing Bubbles

4 Years

Through an interactive learning environment, your child will build the necessary skills that are vital for success in Kindergarten.  Children will continue to grow problem-solving skills, gain respect for others, and build confidence.

School Age

Our school age program will offer an involving experience for all students.  Independent and organized activities will provide opportunities for team building and encourage self-confidence.

Kids Playing
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